Student Complaints

The University of Kentucky has taken steps to create an accessible student complaint process. The student complaint procedures outlined below are established to address concerns that arise within the University community.  In addition, the University has a federal obligation to track student complaints to help us monitor the quality of our operations and services.

When a student encounters a problem or unfair treatment on campus, the student should first try to resolve the issue informally with the faculty/staff member or department directly involved. Many issues can be resolved by making an appointment with a faculty or staff member and calmly and honestly communicating the concern(s).

Several areas within the university have defined processes to respond to student concerns or complaints directly related to their area, including, but not limited to:


Academic Ombud

Admission Decision Appeals

Residency Status

Student Account Services

Financial Aid

Tuition Appeals


Bias Incident Support Services

Student Conduct Violation


Center for Support and Intervention

Campus Security Authority Form

Discrimination & Harassment

Ethical Issues

Parking & Transportation

Disability Resource Center

Student Athlete Concerns 

General University

Corporate Compliance

Internal Audit

The University of Kentucky maintains a decentralized complaint process.  Each unit or department maintains records of complaints.  A centralized webpage for complaints is maintained on the Dean of Students website to help students locate the proper unit for the complaint.  If the student cannot determine the proper unit to register the complaint, a general complaint form is available.  Student Complaints outside of the processes identified above should use this online form.

General Student Complaint Process

  1. General Student Complaints are received by a staff member located in Academic Ombud Services. 
  2. Complaints are reviewed to ensure:
    1. The complaint is submitted by the person affected;
    2. The complaint is not an appeal to re-examine a formal decision or determination.
  3. Complaints are reviewed to determine whether they fall under a separate formal process otherwise established by the University;
  4. If the complaint does fall under an established process, the complaint is forwarded to the respective office to be handled under through their established procedures;
  5. If the complaint does not fall under an established process, the complaint is reviewed and sent to the appropriate department / unit best positioned to respond to the student’s issue;
  6. The department/unit head is contacted and asked to respond to the student complaint within 10 business days; 
  7. The staff member confirms that communication with the student occurs within 10 business days.

If the impacted party has not heard from the department or unit involved within ten business days, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 859-257-3755.

Distance Learning Students

Distance Learning students who are unsatisfied with the outcome of the institutional process for handling complaints may appeal the decision by viewing the SARA Complaint Procedures.


In accordance with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Standard 12.4 (Student complaints), the University of Kentucky has established the above outlined student complaint procedures. The University of Kentucky is required by law to share information about the complaints with SACSCOC,  its accrediting agency; however, individual identities will not be revealed without the express permission of the complainant or as required by law.

The University of Kentucky will review the data to identify any trends/issues that warrant further investigation, revision to existing policies, etc.