Student Records

Records Maintained

Various units at the University of Kentucky maintain records relating to students which fall into the following general categories:

  1. Academic records from schools previously attended‚
  2. Scores of results on various standardized tests and interest/attitude inventories‚
  3. Degrees awarded‚
  4. Current academic work completed‚
  5. Grades and other faculty evaluations‚
  6. Applications for admissions‚
  7. Applications and other data relating to financial aid‚
  8. Applications for employment‚
  9. Class rolls‚
  10. Letters of recommendation‚
  11. Academic adviser notes‚
  12. Attendance data‚
  13. Biographical and identifying information (including name‚ social security number‚ sex‚ marital status‚ date of birth‚ residency and citizenship status‚ ethnic background‚ academic major and military status)‚
  14. Medical data‚
  15. Current student status‚
  16. Accounts relating to fees‚
  17. Academic offenses‚
  18. Disciplinary offenses‚ and
  19. Counseling records

The official academic records keeper at the University of Kentucky charged with maintaining information in categories (1) through (6)‚ (9)‚ (13)‚ (15)‚ and (16) is the University Registrar. Excepting accounts related to fees‚ this same information is distributed by the Registrar to the deans of the Colleges for their internal academic purposes. Additionally‚ the deans’ offices maintain category (10) and (17) records.

Records in categories (4)‚ (5)‚ (9) and (15) may also be duplicated at the departmental level and in some cases category (11) and (12) records are maintained by the department.

The Dean of Students’ Office is responsible for maintenance of category (18) and some category (19) records. This office also maintains some records in categories (10) and (13) and occasionally may have category (15) records.

In the Community College System‚ the President’s Office is responsible for the maintenance of records in all categories although duplicates of some records are maintained in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for the Community College System and the Office of the University Registrar.

The Office of the Controller maintains the records in category (16). Category (14) records are maintained by the Student Health Services. The Counseling and Testing Center is primarily responsible for generating and maintaining the records in categories (2) and (19) and some records which would fall into category (14).

The Placement Service maintains category (1)‚ (3)‚ (4)‚ (5)‚ (8)‚ (10) and (15) records relating to students using the Service.

The Office of Student Financial Aid and the Controller’s Office have records in category (7).

All categories of student records for students in the College of Medicine are maintained in the Office of Student Services at the Medical Center.

The Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy maintain all categories of student records.

Other offices‚ such as the Office of Veterans Affairs and the Office of the Academic Ombud have records relating to certain students but these are generally duplicates of other records maintained elsewhere or are generated by the student.

Access to Records

In general‚ the records maintained by the University are available only to the student‚ to University personnel with legitimate educational interests‚ to other institutions where the student is seeking financial aid and as provided by Section 164.283 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes. However‚ information may be released by the institution to appropriate persons in connection with an emergency if the knowledge of such information is necessary to protect the health or safety of a student or other persons. Records may also be furnished in compliance with a judicial order or pursuant to a subpoena or with the consent of the student. Students may inspect and review all records pertaining to them within 45 days of making request for same‚ except for (1) records created or maintained by a physician‚ psychiatrist‚ psychologist or other recognized professional or paraprofessional acting or assisting in a professional capacity in connection with treatment of the student (except that the student may have these records reviewed by a physician or appropriate professional designated by the student)‚ (2) financial records of the student’s parents‚ (3) confidential letters and recommendations put in the files prior to January 1‚ 1975‚ (4) confidential recommendations relating to admission‚ applications for employment‚ or honors‚ if the student has waived his right to review such records. Where a particular record cannot be reviewed by a student without revealing confidential information relating to other students‚ the records custodian will inform the student‚ upon request‚ of the contents of the record pertaining to that student.


With the exception of official transcripts‚ a charge of 10 cents per page will be made for reproducing copies of students’ records which may be copied. Official transcripts from the Registrar’s Office will be furnished for $3 per copy for currently enrolled students‚ and $4 per copy for former students. Official transcripts from the College of Medicine will be furnished for $2 per copy and from the College of Dentistry for $3 per copy. Copies of official transcripts issued by any other institution will not be provided.

Procedures for Challenge

A student who believes that any record maintained by the University pertaining directly to that student is inaccurate‚ misleading‚ or otherwise violative of the right of privacy of the student as provided by Title IV of Pub. L. 90–247‚ as amended‚ and Pub. L. 93–380 as amended by Senate Joint Resolution 40 (1974) may request a hearing before a panel of three persons appointed by the President of the University. The panel may direct that appropriate action be taken to correct‚ explain‚ or expunge the record challenged. Request for hearings should be addressed to the Office of Legal Counsel‚ Room 2‚ Administration Building‚ University of Kentucky‚ Lexington‚ Kentucky 40506.

Directory Information

The University may release information without the student’s consent where the information is classified as  directory information.” The following categories of information have been designated by the University as directory information: name‚ address‚ telephone listing‚ e–mail address‚ date and place of birth‚ major field of study‚ participation in officially recognized activities and sports‚ weight and height of members of athletic teams‚ dates of attendance‚ degrees and awards received‚ and the most recent previous educational institution attended by the student. Students who do not wish such information released without their consent should notify the Student Records Office in writing.

Direct questions concerning this law and the University’s policy concerning release of academic information to the Office of the Registrar‚ 257–7160.