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Presumed Incompetent

Presumed Incompetent is a pathbreaking account of the intersecting roles of race, gender, and class in the working lives of women faculty of color.  Through personal narratives and qualitative empirical studies, more than 40 authors expose the daunting challenges faced by academic women of color as they navigate the often hostile terrain of higher education, including hiring, promotion, tenure, and relations with students, colleagues, and administrators.  The narratives are filled with wit, wisdom, and concrete recommendations, and provide a window into the struggles of professional women in a racially stratified but increasingly multicultural America.



Looking forward to participating.  Thanks for organizing the book club.  Ann Vail



I'm excited for this!  I moved my registration from Aug 30th to Aug 29th but didn't see a mechanism to cancel my registration on the 30th.  Thanks for the help!  Andrea Erhardt

My daugher is starting kindergarten and I'm not certain about afterschool care yet so will only be able to attend the noon session on 8/29, although it's full. I'll just show up since I can't register. Sorry I didn't register earlier! Looking forward to it. Thanks,

Erin Richard