Compliance Resources for Faculty and Staff

UK faculty and staff can find a list of resources on state authorization and licensure disclosure compliance. Click on the links below to take you to a resource section.

State Authorization Resources

State Authorization is a type of consumer protection regulated by states and territories. Institutions are required to obtain state authorization when they do any kind of educational activity (i.e. online courses, practicums, advertising, field trips, etc.). UK Distance Learning helps programs to maintain compliance with state authorization regulations. Part of this is accomplished through the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA). Check out these resources to learn more.

Is a Compliance Review Necessary?

Many programs are unaware that ALL of their out-of-state activities must follow state, federal, or reciprocity agreement regulations. Check this guide to see if your program is required to follow compliance regulations.

State Authorization and SARA Overview Handout

This handout is an overview of state authorization and the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA). This is a great handout to share with your department faculty and staff.

SARA and Physical Presence Handout

This handout is an overview of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)'s policy on out-of-state educational activities, otherwise known as physical presence triggers. This guide will tell you what activities SARA covers and what activities would required additional state authorization. 

NC-SARA Program Marketing Guidelines

This handout outlines NC-SARA's marketing guidelines for presenting important information to prospective students and the public. 

Online Course: A Beginner's Guide to State Authorization (requires UK Link Blue login)

This awesome course will guide you through the basics of state authorization. Case studies are included to test your knowledge regarding various compliance situations. 

Student Activity Guide

What is the difference between a supervised field experiment and a field trip? Use this guide to identify the category your out-of-state activity falls into and whether it requires additional state authorization.  

Licensure Disclosure Requirement Resources

The Department of Education first published regulations on state authorization and licensure disclosures in 2016. These regulations were then delayed in 2018 in order for the Department of Education to revisit some problematic language. After negotiated rulemaking sessions in 2019, new rules were written to be effective in July 2020. In May 2019, a California judge ruled in a case (NEA v DeVos) that the delay of the original regulations was unlawful. Beginning in May of 2019, the 2016 Federal Regulations have become effective until July 2020, when the new regulations from the negotiated rulemaking will become effective.  

While there are some differences between the 2016 and 2020 federal regulations, the requirements for state authorization and licensure disclosures are generally the same: 

  1. Institutions must be able to show how their out-of-state educational activities are authorized. This can be shown by participation in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA) 
  2. Programs must disclose to students, prospective students, and the public whether their program meets the educational requirements for licensure in the state a student is located in. 
  3. Programs must send individual disclosures to students with licensure disclosure information. 
  4. Students who are in states where a program does not meet the licensure requirements in their state must sign a statement of acknowledgment that they have received licensure disclosure information before they are able to enroll in the program. 

Federal Misrepresentation Rules

Federal misrepresentation rules require institutions to be truthful and accurate regarding institutional information, program information, admissions, financial aid, etc. This handout outlines information that is required to be presented in a truthful manner to students and the public. 

How to Write a Good Licensure Disclosure

What does a good licensure disclosure look like? What does your program need to disclose? What is required and what is recommended? Use this guide to help craft your program’s licensure disclosures to students. 

Compliance Forms for Programs

Confirmation of Licensure Disclosures Program Signature Form

Each year, UK Distance Learning will work with online and hybrid programs to review and update licensure information on the Out-of-State Education Activity Page. Program state authorization liaisons, program coordinators, and the appropriate associate dean will be required to sign this confirmation form before the update licensure information is posted online. 

Change Request Form for Licensure Disclosures

Licensure regulations can change often. If a program wishes to update the licensure disclosure information online and in the student disclosure letters, please complete, sign, and send this form to your compliance contact.