Echo 360

What is it?

Echo360 is a technology that allows you to record your lecture in certain classrooms on campus. It captures the audio in the room, the presentation content from the computer, and video of you at the podium. The lecture can be published in a variety of formats including Rich Media Flash, MP3 audio, and M4V video.

We do not recommend Echo360 as a tool for content development; we instead recommend Camtasia.

Where is it?

For information about which classrooms on campus are equipped with Echo360, please refer to this list of classrooms (Below) maintained by AV Services. Scheduling for these classrooms is handled through the Registrar’s Office in the same manner any other on campus classroom is. Departmental and college IT support staff are trained to use and schedule Echo360 lecture capture. For further information about training contact AV Services.

List of Echo360 Enabled Classrooms

Echo360 lecture capture is available in the following rooms.  To schedule a classroom equipped with Echo360, contact the Registrar’s OfficeScheduling the room, does not mean an Echo recording will be scheduled.  Please contact your College or Department IT staff for scheduling an Echo360 recording. Classrooms marked with an asterisk are not Registrar's classrooms, please contact that college's IT support for scheduling details. Live streaming capable rooms are marked with HD at the end.