Turning Technologies


What is it?

TurningPoint is an audience response system that allows audiences and students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a ResponseCard clicker or other mobile or networked device.

TurningPoint integrates with Microsoft Powerpoint for slide show polling and Canvas for recording and tracking student response data.

There are three components to TurningPoint:

  • TurningPoint polling software, either TurningPoint for PowerPoint or TurningPoint Anywhere (PC or Mac), to make presentations interactive
  • USB receiver that plugs into the presenter's computer and to receive information wirelessly from participants
  • ResponseCards (clickers) or ResponseWare (mobile or browser-based software) to enable participants to submit responses

How can I use it?

Audience response technology is a tool that helps facilitate instruction and enhance student learning.

  • Track attendance and participation - even from those quiet, back-of-the-lecture-hall students.
  • Create open discussions that are fueled by students.
  • Gauge student understanding instantly with visual charts in real-time.
  • Provide students review questions that reflect their understanding of course materials.
  • Check reading assignments with short quizzes before class and grade assignments instantly.

Who can use it?

TurningPoint presentation software can be used by all members of the University of Kentucky community.

Respondents may be UK community members or visitors.

Where is it?

TurningPoint polling software is available for free from the UK download server or the TurningPoint website. Access to the UK download server requires a link blue userID and password. The software is pre-installed on instructor computers in classrooms managed by UKIT.

TurningPoint USB receivers are currently installed in more than 40 classrooms on campus.

TurningPoint kits containing a USB receiver and up to 60 ResponseCard clickers are available from UKIT for use in classrooms that do not have a receiver permanently installed. Kits may be requested by faculty, staff, and TA/GAs only and are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations should be made in advance via our equipment request form. Items may be picked up at the A/V offices located in the Whitehall Classroom Building or at the College of Nursing.

Students can purchase ResponseCard clickers and/or ResponseWare licenses online using school code 8Oej or from local academic bookstores.


TurningPoint software is available for no charge for presenters. Classroom dongles are provided for free from UKIT, or may be purchased by departments or presenters. Please contact us for more information prior to purchase.

ResponseCard clickers cost approximately $40-$50 and may be resold to the bookstore after use.
ResponseWare licenses are time limited and start at $15 for a 1 year subscription.

Getting Help

For immediate, on-site support during a class or presentation, call ITS Customer Services at 218-HELP (4357) and select the option for Audio/Visual Services. You will need to provide your location to the representative who takes your call.

For general technical support, call ITS Customer Services at 218-HELP (4357) and select the option for Audio/Visual Services, or email helpdesk@uky.edu.

For instructional support, including best practices for effective educational use, contact the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT)