Who We Are


Lisa Higgins-Hord

Assistant Vice-President for Community Engagement


What We Do

The University of Kentucky is dedicated to its commitment to improve the quality of life of Kentuckians through Engagement, Outreach, and Service. Our Office of Community Engagement (OCE) was established to support this effort of intentionally building partnerships that are collaborative, sustainable and mutually beneficial. The OCE connects organizations, community groups, schools and agencies to the University’s students, faculty and staff in an effort to promote this true sense of engagement.

Our MISSION is to support and create community engagement opportunities that meet the economic, health, and educational needs of our community.

Our GOALS are to:

Create an open and inclusive atmosphere that gives voice to engagement efforts in the community through one-on-one consultations, trainings and community engagement programming. In doing so, we aim to increase communication, create connections and highlight engagement successes.

Promote civic membership to enrich and advance student learning.

Improve Town and Gown Relations through a set of advanced practices to improve the quality of life of our citizens. Serve as a Community Information Hub to keep the community informed and connected.

Facilitate collaborative and multidisciplinary opportunities for faculty and staff to develop relationships and sustainable community partnerships.


The Office of Community Engagement views engagement as a collaboration between the University of Kentucky and external partners (local, state, regional, national, global) for a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.