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Town and Gown

2011 Lafayette Seminar in Public Issues

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International Town and Gown Association (ITGA)


The ITGA is a membership-based, non-government organization, managed by a Board of Directors with a full-time professional and support staff consisting of a director and administrative assistant. Its purpose is to become the primary information resource point for common issues between institutions of higher learning and the communities in which they reside. The ITGA is our nation's common link, bringing together practitioners from varying fields to address common issues and be a network of resources, including print and online publications, information databases, and programs, training materials, and consulting services to help city and university leaders improve the quality of life in their communities.

Through meetings, conferences and webinars ITGA will give all members an opportunity to access their clearing house/data center focusing on all things town and gown below are a list of areas of concentration:

Transportation projects, Off-Campus Issues, Parking, Alcohol and Code Enforcement, Sustainability, Joint University City Projects, Economic Development joint initiatives, Student "Town-Gown U" section, Economic Impact surveys, Service Learning, Civic Engagement, and Opportunities to Capture and House Town-Gown Projects