Drinking Water Quality Concerns?

Drinking water at the University’s main campus is purchased from Kentucky American Water where it is thoroughly treated, disinfected, and tested. Quality issues in University facilities should be rare, however, they may occur. If you are experiencing issues or have concerns about water quality at your location, please take the following steps:





1 Review the Common Drinking Water Quality Issues

Learn more about the types of problems typically experienced, what may be causing them, and possible solutions.


2 Gather information about your issue


3 Contact Environmental Management with your concerns

The University of Kentucky’s Water Quality Compliance Manager is available to ensure you have safe drinking water.


Typical Steps Taken by EQM in Response to Water Quality Concerns

Review Discuss reported issue with complainant to gather additional information to determine proper response
Investigate Contact Facilities Management/Building Operator to inform of issue, gather historical information, request assistance, and/or to determine if problem is being caused by recent maintenance/construction
Conduct site visit to observe water quality and determine if sample collection is necessary
Sample If deemed necessary based on complaint review and investigation, sample collection will take place/be scheduled
Samples routinely collected include: Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Bacteria (Total Coliform)
Additional sampling constituents will be determined on a case-by-case basis
Analyze Sample results are received from a certified laboratory and compared with drinking water standards.
If a water quality standard exceedance occurs, a drinking water advisory will be issued and confirmation sampling will take place
Recommend Based on the analysis, recommendations are made to the complainant or Facilities Management/Building Operator if corrective actions are needed.
Resolve If water quality improvement is required, Facilities Management will work to resolve the issue and perform such actions as water line flushing, filter installation, or fixture replacement.
Follow-up sampling may occur to confirm water quality improvement
Report A detailed report of sampling findings and issue resolution is provided to the complainant