Developing a web-based application to generate automated access routes from timber harvesting sites to emergency personnel locations

In the process of developing a web-based application (that has the ability to be used with a mobile interface and/or developed into an App for smartphone usage) to automatically generate least travel time routes from user-defined logging sites to the closest EPLs. This application will rely on the extensive base maps available in Google maps (road locations, lengths, speed limits, and traffic level), be implemented as a website using the Google application programming interface (API), and made available for public use. In addition to generating optimized access routes from logging sites to EPLs, our web-based application will store all requested access routes and expected harvesting duration to maintain online spatial dataset displaying active logging sites and associated access routes to EPLs at any given time. This offers the potential to reduce crucial estimated travel time for emergency personnel in case of injuries, facilitate compliance with OSHA regulations, and maintain an online database accessible by emergency personnel.