Empowering Nurses to Protect Themselves and Their Patients: Disaster Preparedness Through the Seasons


  • Identify three ways to slow down the spread of flu in schools
  • Describe the vital role school nurses have in flu prevention
  • Discuss similarities between Infection Prevention and Occupational Health
  • Describe the benefits of performing a risk assessment and planning for a disaster
  • Identify when mold remediation is required and what PPE may be needed
  • Develop safety strategies utilizing available resources

Featured Speakers: 

  • Jade Bland-Slaffey, MSHCA, BSN, RN - nursing education and practice specialist at the National Association of School Nurses (NASN)
  • Marcia T. Podolec RN, CIC, COHN -  Infection Preventionist and Employee/Occupational Health Nurse with the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses


Please note the audio for this webinar will come through your computer speakers. During the webinar, please ensure that your speakers are turned on and the volume is up. Thank you. 

This webinar is hosted the Nursing Infection Control Education (NICE) Network, a collaboration between CDC, the American Nurses Association, and specialty nursing organizations.


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