Kentucky First Responders Occupational-Related Fentanyl (Opioids) Exposure: Development of a Statewide Information Dissemination and Training Strategy

The proposed project involves the development of a statewide, standardized opioid exposure information dissemination and training strategy which incorporates CDC/NIOSH recommendations and includes an on-scene quick reference guide for field use that would improve the current level of knowledge and use of PPE by first responders. Additionally, the recommendation that trainings occur annually ensures first responders remain up to date regarding the potential adverse health hazards posed by occupational opioid exposure as well as the latest recommendations for proper PPE needed to adequately protect oneself from the  effects of exposure when responding to a drug overdose call. The objectives of this proposal are to increase awareness of the CDC/NIOSH recommendations for occupational opioid exposure, increase the proper use of PPE in first responders when responding to drug overdose calls, and decrease the level of concern regarding opioid exposure among first responders through the development of a statewide workshop on opioid exposure training program. The majority of the funding would go towards development of a workshop involving multiple state partners and stakeholders. The outcomes of the workshop will be to determine what first responder training programs already exist, develop information dissemination strategy using partnerships and ongoing training opportunities. The results of this proposal will be reported back to the Central Appalachian Regional ERC, who may repeat the 2017 survey.