The overall curriculum for CARERC requires that all graduate students who receive tuition support and/or stipends must register for the three core courses focused broadly on occupational health and safety issues. These core courses provide the background that is common across the programs for those in the mining, occupational epidemiology, occupational nursing, occupational safety, and the occupational medicine residency tracks. Brief descriptions for these courses are provided below:


Course Title (number)

Semester Hours

Course Description

Occupational Health and Safety
(CPH 620)


This course covers theory and practice of assessing, controlling, and preventing environmental and occupational hazards that may adversely affect the health of present and future generations.

ProSeminar Occupational Health and Safety
(CPH 699)


This course provides students, in a weekly seminar format, presentations from occupational health and safety professionals from a variety of disciplines and experiences. Knowledge regarding workplace exposures and related health outcomes is presented. Students should acquire basic understanding of current topics in the fields of occupational medicine, nursing, safety, industrial hygiene, epidemiology, biostatistics, mining, and agriculture.

Occupational Health Field Surveys
(CPH 698)


The course covers a wide cross-section of occupational health and safety exposures, hazards, and control measures. Students engage in on-site activities recognizing and evaluating hazards and developing control measures to reduce occupational health and safety risks. Students will visit approximately 8 different worksites in the Central Appalachian Region.

Extra courses required for OEHN Phd Students

  • NUR 760 OEHN I:  Principles and Practice

  • NUR 761 OEHN II: Research and Policy


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