Outbreaks in Outpatient Oncology Settings: Lessons Learned and Key Considerations for Handling Sterile Medications


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This webinar will discuss infectious outbreaks in outpatient oncology settings that have been linked to breaches in safe injection practices and sterile compounding standards. We will also discuss key considerations for safe handling of sterile medications during compounding and administration.



  • Identify unsafe injection and compounding practices that have been linked to healthcare-associated infection (HAI) outbreaks in outpatient oncology and other clinic settings.
  • Identify the minimum standards for safe injection practices and when standards for sterile compounding are applicable.
  • Describe the importance of early recognition and notification of potential HAI outbreaks to public health authorities.

Featured Speakers: 

  • Nadine Shehab, PharmD, MPH, senior scientist, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, CDC
  • Joseph Coyne, RPh, director of field operations, Clinical IQ
  • Martha Polovich, PhD, RN, AOCN, assistant professor, College of Nursing and Health Professions, Georgia State University
  • Lisa Richardson, MD, MPH, director, Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, CDC