PEPH Webinar Bridging The Cultural Divide

Community health workers (CHWs) and community health representatives (CHRs) play an instrumental role in community-engaged research. These frontline public health workers are often trusted members of partner communities and serve as liaisons between researchers and local residents. Bridging the cultural divide is a major contribution of CHWs/CHRs. They enable researchers and health professionals to better understand the concerns and needs of the residents, as well as the cultural contexts important to the project. Similarly, CHWs/CHRs provide community members with information about the research process and findings so they can be better engaged in research activities. In this webinar, we will hear from two project teams that have worked closely with CHWs/CHRs in the conduct of community-engaged research. Each presentation will include a research lead and a CHW/CHR. They will discuss the value and importance of working with CHWs/CHRs to address environmental public health issues.