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The Teaching, Learning and Academic Innovation's UK Online group manages the online platform through which the University's standard Teacher Course Evaluation is provided.  eXplorance Blue is the current software used to administer the online standard Teacher Course Evaluation.

Process prior to TCE launch date

  1. Determine Courses – Colleges are responsible for determining which courses in the current term require a TCE. This typically involves coordinated communication between the TCE College Contacts, Event Planners, and their faculty.
  2. Flag Courses- TCE College Contacts (or their Event Planners) must flag their courses and affiliated instructors in the Course Instructor Management module of SAP.  The TCE Team emails several flagging reminders to the TCE College Contacts throughout the term.
  3. Verify Flag - Colleges are responsible for checking their Verification Report in the eXplorance Blue portal to ensure all their courses requiring a TCE are listed in the report. Any courses not listed in the report will need to be flagged in Course Instructor Management as outlined above in step 2. TCE College Contacts may refer to the Verification Report multiple times during the Term before the TCE launches. (***Flagging Deadline*** - Note: a course will not receive a TCE if a course/instructor is not flagged prior to the flagging deadline. See TCE Event Schedule for flagging deadlines.)
  4. Verify Dates - Not all courses, follow the current semester's schedule; part-of-term courses, early-start, or late-start courses are of concern here.   Because of the unique dates of these courses, they will have unique TCE evaluation run times.   Please double-check the scheduled TCE date for these courses to make sure they correspond with the correct time.


Process after TCE launches

  1. Verify TCE Information - When the TCE launches faculty and TCE College Contacts will receive a "TCE - now open" email from "Teacher Course Evaluations" (tce@uky.edu) with 1) a note informing them the TCE is now active, 2) the TCE Start and End dates, 3) a link to monitor response rates. Faculty should verify that the TCE information (e.g.. dates, instructor name..) is correct.
  2. Monitor Response Rates - During the active TCE faculty will receive two reminders to monitor response rates. The response rate viewing window (aka "Subject View Management Task List") will list the timeframe during which the response rates are accessible for viewing. (Please note: the TCE and the response rate window will have different end dates as faculty may view response rates after a TCE closes.)

How to monitor TCE response rates

  1. Email Link- Click the link entitled "Please click here to view the response rates for your course" embedded within the "TCE - now open" and two reminder emails.
  2. eXplorance Blue Portal - Click on evaluate.uky.edu/blue and enter the following:


How to make your TCE available for the students in CANVAS?

If you need to make the Teacher Course Evaluations menu item available for the students to access in the Canvas course, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the course.
  2. Click Settings in the course navigation menu.
    course menu with settings link highlighted
  3. Click the Navigation tab at the top.
    settings tab bar with navigation highlighted
  4. Find the Teacher Course Evaluation item under the disabled items list near the bottom. Either drag the item above to where you would like it displayed in the menu, or click the gear icon and select Enable.
  5. Click the blue Save button.

For more info on reordering course navigation in Canvas, click here: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-2555


Ways to increase response rates


  • Use class time (just as you would if using the paper method).  Encourage students to use the technology of their choice in class.
  • Monitor your response rates periodically and take active steps to improve low response before the TCE closes.
  • Let the students know the importance of the TCE at the beginning of the course – give them the TCE questions.  Let them know early on they will be receiving an email end of the course to evaluate the course.  Make sure they know their input and opinions are valued and expected.

Technology that can be used to access TCEs

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Contact Us

Please send us an email if you have questions or need help: tce@uky.edu