Can corrections or modifications be made to TCE dates?

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Yes, corrections or modifications to TCE dates within Blue (TCE system) can be made. While it is possible, doing this limits the ability of our TCE system.  Because we get the course data directly from SAP via HANA, we cannot simply change the dates for the course.  We can manually change the dates, but this does not change the dates the system is fed from HANA. The automated email reminders will not work when we make modifications to either the TCE Start or TCE End dates for a specific course.  

If the need to change the dates is caught early enough, the Start or End dates for the course are not correct, a pink sheet can be submitted to the Registrar's office and they can change the dates in SAP.  Early enough means at least two weeks before the TCE is supposed to start.  This should give the Registrar's office time to make the change and time for the change to be transferred through SAP into Blue through our automated feeds. 

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