How do I ensure high response rates?

To view the Teacher Course Evaluations you must login with your linkblue id.

Here are a few tips that will increase your response rates: 
1. At the beginning of the semester, explain the TCE and the process: ​

  • Let the students know the importance of the TCE. 
  • Make sure they know their input and opinions are valued and desired. 
  • Let them know early on they will be receiving an email toward the end of the course to evaluate the course. 
  • Give them a copy of the standard TCE questions or the link to the questions:

2. Allow students access to the TCE in Canvas. 
The Teacher Course Evaluation navigation item is by default disabled in all Canvas course shells.  Faculty needs to enable TCE access for their courses.  Here are the instructions for enabling the navigation item: 

  • Login to Canvas and enter the course 
  • Click on settings at the bottom of the course menu 
  • Click the Navigation tab 
  • Drag “Teacher Course Evaluations” up to a preferred location in the menu, or click the gear icon and select “enable” next to it. 
  • Click the Save button 

3. Remind the students when the TCE is launched, that the evaluations are now available for your class.  They should have received an email with a link to the TCE.   

If they did not receive an email, they can access the TCE by going to Blue Portal. 

Blue Portal: Students may also access TCEs via the following URL/link: Blue 

  • Login using their UK Link Blue user ID and password 
  • The students should see their course(s) listed that have active TCEs to be completed 
  • Click to access 

4. Remind the students that the TCEs are now completed online and can be accessed by any of their electronic devices. 

  • Computer 
  • Laptop 
  • Tablet 
  • Smartphone 

5. Use class time (just as you would have if using the old paper method).  

If your course has less than 60 students and is face-to-face, provide the students with 15-20 minutes at the beginning of your class time to fill out the TCE with their electronic devices.  

NOTE: Students in courses with enrollment of 60 or larger may have issues with accessing the wireless in the classroom. 

6. Monitor your response rates periodically during the open window.  If you are not satified with the number of completed responses, remind the students.

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