I can't login to the TCE system. It won't let me reset the password. What do I do?

To view the Teacher Course Evaluations you must login with your linkblue id.

If you are having trouble with a link to an evaluation sent via email, try logging into the evaluation system at https://evaluate.uky.edu/blue. The TCE system uses University of Kentucky’s Single-Sign On (SSO). If you have already signed into another UK page, you may not be prompted for your username and password.

If after logging in to the system you are prompted to “Select User Group”, select Users to see the evaluation tasks and reports currently available for you to review.

If you are still having difficult logging in, at the sign in page there is a link “Can’t access your Account?” Click on that link for further assistance. You may also contact the Help Desk at 218help@uky.edu or by phone at 859-218-4357