When will the TCE be available to the student to fill out?

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This depends on 2 factors: 1) the length of the course (e.g. 16 week, 14 week) and, 2) when in the term the course is taught (e.g. “part-of-term” courses).
The eXplorance Blue system uses the course start & end dates as entered in SAP by Event Planners to determine: 1) when a TCE launches, 2) how long it is open and, 3) when it closes. (NOTE: TCE College Contacts or their Event Planners should verify the start & end dates in SAP prior to the beginning of the Semester/Session in which the course is taught to avoid a TCE launch that is too early/late in the term.)
Please see TCE Event Schedule for TCE open & close time-frames