Will the TCE results for my cross-listed courses be combined into a single report?

To view the Teacher Course Evaluations you must login with your linkblue id.

Yes, however, the report is labeled differently.

Instructors will receive an email with a link to your TERM Cross-listed TCE Report {Courses crosslisted/Section} (Instructor). Clicking the link will take the instructor directly to the report.

You can also access your TCE reports via the Blue Portal: https://evaluate.uky.edu/blue

  • Login using your UK Link Blue ID and password
  • Find the report you are looking for in the Report section
  • Look for this report TERM Cross-listed TCE Report¬†{Courses crosslisted /Section} (Instructor)

Note: The report title has the following replacements in the title:
TERM = the Term you taught - example Spring 2018
{Courses crosslisted /Section} - List of courses that are included in the report and the section - Example: MQQ 543/ ZQQ 543/001
Instructor - Your name