Virtual Events

Promoting Virtual Events

UK's Official Calendar Directions
Audience: UK departments, UK colleges, students, registered student organizations, and community

  1. Event planners visit
  2. Login with link blue username (abc123) and password
  3. Select button for “Virtual Events”
  4. Enter date and time for virtual event in left hand column
  5. Select “Search”
  6. Select the green dot next to the option that best applies for your event
  7. Select “Next Step” at the top of the page
  8. Enter the name of your event
  9. Select the type of event this would have been if in person (i.e., exhibit, lecture, etc.)
  10. Select your department/organization and your contact name
  11. Enter a description that will appear on UK’s calendar
  12. Enter the URL for how users will access the virtual event
  13. Agree to the terms and conditions
  14. Select “Submit Request”

BBNvolved Directions
Audience: students, registered student organizations, departments, and colleges


General FAQs

Do virtual events require approval by the Office of University Events?
No.  However, events must comply with University, local, state, and federal regulations regardless of which platform is used to promote or execute the event.  Click here to see UK's virtual event policies.


Can community members promote virtual events?
No, only UK departments and registered student organizations may promote virtual events on the UK calendar.


Do I need to pick either UK's Calendar or BBNvolved to promote my virtual event?
Nope!  You may promote on both services or neither if your event is private or invitation only.


Can someone help me live stream an event?
Effective communication and engagement are crucial to the University’s mission in these uncertain times.  Production Services, within the Office of University Events, is prepared to assist your college, department, or organization with video, audio, streaming, and/or editing needs. If interested, please contact Production Services at or 859-257-6617.


Who can help me with Zoom?
Visit UK's Zoom webpage at to learn about Zoom and see support options.


FAQs for EMS/UK's Calendar

How do I submit multiple dates for the same offering?
When selecting your date, click the button ‘Multiple’ to apply a date pattern.  If the details will be different for each date (i.e., different link or description) submit each as a separate reservation.


What does the status ‘Received’ mean?
Events are accepted and will display the next business day on the university calendar.


Where can people go to see my event?
UK’s calendar can be found at  Virtual events are visible by date or by selecting the Virtual Events feed under other calendars.


Where do I go to submit my virtual event for promotion?


I need help with the website.  Who can I contact?
Contact the Office of University Events. We are available Monday through Friday, 8 am until 5 pm via email at or (859) 323-8054.


I need to cancel or update my virtual event, how do I do this?
Follow these steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Select “My Requests”
  3. Click the name of the event
  4. Click the red dot to cancel  OR
  5. Use the other options to modify your event​


FAQs for BBNvolved

How do I track attendance?
BBNvolved has options for event follow up and event tracking. Here are some thoughts for tracking virtual event attendance from Student Organizations and Activities. This is helpful for records, follow up with attendees, and assessment. 

If hosting events on Zoom:

  1. ​​​Open BBNvolved:​
  2. Select Forms 
  3. Create a form in your BBNvolved page to collect attendees’ information
  4. ​​​​​Utilize the chat feature on your Zoom meeting to send the form link to send all students “at” the event or meeting 
  5. Ask students to complete the form during the event 
  6. Utilize the form responses in Zoom to upload to BBNvolved 
  7. Return to BBNvolved and select Events - RSVP function

Have students register for events in Zoom:

How do I pull a BBNvolved event attendance report?

Upload your event attendance list to BBNvolved:  Then, Downloaded a report of your event attendees from BBNvolved: 

  1. Select the switchboard (grouping of squares in right corner)
  2. Select Manage
  3. Under “Memberships”, select the event you want to pull attendance or RSVPs from
  4. When in organization, select the menu button (3 lines in top left corner)
  5. Select Events
  6. Change events to “past events”
  7. Find your event and select
  8. Select Track Attendance
  9. “Export” your attendance
  10.  Select your user drawer (picture or initials in top right)
  11. Select downloads
  12. Find your report and download

Who can I contact for help with BBNvolved?
The Office of Student Organizations and Activities at