Current Projects

Predictive Emissions Monitoring System Upgrade


UEM operates four natural gas boilers at CUP and Central Heating under the EPA Title V Emissions Permit.  The current Continuous Emissions Monitoring System which verifies compliance by measuring NOx emissions rate is at the end of its useful life (+15 years). Equipment is no longer supported, and parts are difficult to find. The University has received a notice of violation for non-compliance due to inconsistent reporting required by permit.

UEM partnered with ERG to develop a comprehensive approach for a campus-wide Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS). The new system will minimize downtime and risk of non-compliance, maximize uptime of the CUP boilers, and address stakeholder concerns. 

Cooling Tower Phase 3


Cooling Towers are an integral part of the production of chilled water. They cool condenser water to allow the refrigeration cycle to continue inside the chiller. Cooling Plant 1 has (4) 4500-ton cooling towers that have failed and need replacement. In 2019 we started a multi-phased Cooling Tower project to replace each of these cooling towers.

UK CPMD has completed Phase 1 & 2 construction of the Cooling Tower Replacement Project at Cooling Plant #1. Half of the Cooling 1 Plant capacity is now available (9000 Tons).

We are now in Phase 3 which will include demolition work, sandblasting, painting and steel work for Phase 4, and cooling tower installation of cooling tower 3.

Deaerator Tank Repair


Deaerator Tanks (DA) serve to protect Boilers and other components of the campus steam system by removing highly corrosive dissolved gases in the boiler make-up water. They preheat and store treated make-up water before it is pumped into the boiler. Without a properly operating DA Tank operators have to use more water treatment chemicals and energy which increases the risk of a catastrophic failure from corrosives to our steam production system. 

A project is underway to replace failing DA Tanks at Medical Center Heating Plant and Central Heating Plant.

KU Solar Agreement


UK has executed a preliminary renewable power agreement (RPA) with Kentucky Utilities for the purchase of 55 MW of power from a new solar farm installation. UK may be able to increase the MW capacity purchased if desired (pending availability). 

Key Benefits:

  • Establish regional leadership in a space with strong academic integration and recruitment/retention upside.  
  • Become the largest purchaser of renewable power in KU’s service area; one of largest in state. 
  • Reduce campus emissions by nearly 18% (vs. CY2019).
  • Hedge a fixed generation price for approximately 1/3 of our purchased electricity for 20 years.

Improve Electrical Infrastructure (Ag North & South Complex)


The Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade project adjacent to the Ag North and South Complex will greatly increase the reliability and resiliency of the 12kV utility service to the Ag facilities by installing new high-voltage duct banks, manholes, and pad-mount switches. 

It will provide use of true double-ended feeds via automatic switchgear to the Ag Complex, remove a VAC-Pac Switch, provide a pathway for future loop feeds (reducing dependency on Substation #1) to the athletics complexes, Shawneetown & Greg Page residences, and other future south-campus developments.