University of Kentucky Finance Conference

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2019 Program

We received 342 submissions. Below is the 2019 program:


   6:00 Welcome Reception at Limestone Hall



   8:15 Breakfast

   8:45 Welcome Remarks

   9:00 Session One - Chair: Bruce Carlin, UCLA

Endogenous Price War Risks

 Winston Dou (Penn), Yan Ji (HKUST), and Wei Wu (Texas A&M)

 - Discussant: Robert Dittmar (Michigan)

Leveraged Funds and the Shadow Cost of Leverage Constraints

 Zhongjin Lu (Georgia) and Zhongling Qin (Georgia)

 - Discussant: Petri Jylhä (Aalto)

Coffee Break

Efficient Coding and Risky Choice

 Cary Frydman (USC) and Lawrence J. Jin (Cal Tech)

 - Discussant: Shimon Kogan (MIT) 

11:30 Lunch and Keynote Address by Steve Castagnola, Kempton Bloodstock

12:45 Session Two - Chair:  Kathleen Hanley, Lehigh

Copycatting and Public Disclosure: Direct Evidence from Peer Companies' Digital Footprints

 Sean Cao (Georgia State), Kai Du (Penn State), Baozhong Yang (Georgia State), and Liang Zhang (Georgia State)

 - Discussant: George Aragon (Arizona State)

Disaster Lending: “Fair” Prices, but “Unfair” Access

 Taylor Begley (Wash U), Umit Gurun (Texas, Dallas), Amiyatosh Purnanandam (Michigan), and Daniel Weagley (Georgia Tech)

 - Discussant: Michael Ewens (Cal Tech)

2:15 Depart for Keeneland

5:15 Depart Keeneland for dinner at Dudley’s



8:30 Breakfast

9:00 Session Three - Chair:  Zhi Da, Notre Dame

Unemployment Insurance as a Subsidy to Risky Firms

 Dimas Fazio (LBS), David Schoenherr (Princeton), Janis Skrastins (Wash U), and Bernardus van Doornik (Banco Central do Brasil)

 - Discussant: Elena Simintzi (UNC Chapel Hill)

Sitting Bucks: Zero Returns in Fixed Income Funds

 Jaewon Choi (UIUC), Mathias Kronlund (UIUC), and Jimmy Oh (Hanyang)

 - Discussant: Matt Spiegel (Yale)

Coffee Break

Salient Crises, Quiet Crises

 Matthew Baron (Cornell), Emil Verner (MIT), and Wei Xiong (Princeton)    

 - Discussant: Jason Donaldson (Wash U)

11:30 Lunch

12:15 Session Four - Chair:  Denis Gromb, HEC Paris

Shale Shocked: The Long Run Effect of Wealth on Household Debt

 Tony Cookson (Colorado), Erik Gilje (Penn), and Rawley Heimer (Boston College)

 - Discussant: Henrik Cronqvist (Miami)

Financial Inclusion, Human Capital, and Wealth Accumulation: Evidence from the Freedman’s Savings Bank

 Luke Stein (Arizona State) and Constantine Yannelis (Chicago)

 - Discussant: Jordan Nickerson (Boston College)

Coffee Break

Leverage Risk and Investment: The Case of Gold Clauses in the 1930s

 Joao Gomes (Penn), Mete Kilic (USC), and Sebastien Plante (Wisconsin)

 - Discussant: Sudheer Chava (Georgia Tech)

3:00 Optional Bourbon Tasting at Belle’s