Cost of Attendance

What Are They?


  • The student’s academic year cost of attendance budget is an estimate of the student’s average educational expenses for a 9-month school year (fall and spring semesters).
  • Allowable expenses in the student’s cost of attendance budget include tuition and mandatory fees and allowances for room and board (living and meal expenses), books, supplies, transportation, personal/miscellaneous expenses and loan fees, if applicable.
  • The cost of attendance budget for a student enrolled in a summer session(s) is adjusted to reflect expenses associated with that enrollment period.
  • The student’s cost of attendance budget is displayed on the student’s paper award letter and is also available on the Budget tab in the student’s financial aid information on the myUK portal.
  • A student’s budget may be adjusted for additional costs such as expenses associated with dependent care, study abroad, disability expenses and/or employment expenses for co-op study.
  • Personal expenses can only be adjusted if there is an extraordinary circumstance. Appropriate documentation is required for the above. Adjustments for discretionary consumer expenses are not allowed.
  • To request a budget adjustment, contact the student’s assigned financial aid counselor.