Preparatory Coursework

Typically, we cannot award Federal Student Aid to students who are not enrolled in an eligible degree-seeking program. In some cases, if you are enrolled in Preparatory Coursework, we may be able to open a one-time 12-month eligibility window for you to receive Direct Loans, provided you meet all other eligibility requirements. Preparatory Coursework is defined as “coursework (a) school has documented is necessary for (you) to enroll in an eligible program.”

If you are enrolled at least half time in these prerequisite courses, you may be eligible. If you are only taking courses to raise your grade-point average, or to increase the competitiveness of your application, you do not qualify.

If you believe this exception may apply to you, please complete our online screening form for Preparatory Coursework.

If you do not believe this exception applies to you, you may also consider examining your private loan options through a private lender.

If you would like to discuss these or other options, please contact us.