Unusual Enrollment History

In some cases, after completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you may receive a message on your Student Aid Report (SAR) that says, “Your school may/will request additional information to determine your eligibility for federal student aid.” When this occurs, our office is required to ensure that, if you received Federal Student Aid, you successfully earned academic credit at the University of Kentucky and/or other higher education institutions that you have attended during the previous four academic years.

The good news is that we can resolve most of these cases without any additional information from you. In rare cases where we do not have enough information to automatically clear this eligibility hold, our counseling team will request transcripts or grade reports from the other institutions you have attended during the previous four academic years. Provided you received Federal Student Aid and earned academic credit at these institutions during these years, we can resolve the eligibility hold with ease.

If you attended another higher education institution, received Federal Student Aid, and did not earn academic credit, you will need to submit an appeal to explain the circumstances that created that outcome. If this applies to you, our counseling team will contact you and provide you with the steps and links to complete your appeal.

Typically appeals are successful. If the appeal cannot be approved, we will inform you of other steps you can take to regain your eligibility for Federal Student Aid.