Financial Aid Literacy

The University of Kentucky is committed to helping students finance their education in an informed and responsible way. This webpage contains information on special events and websites that can benefit students and their families.



We encourage students to attend and participate in all financial literacy activities offered at UK. These type events will provide information about money skills, credit cards, insurance, income taxes, budgets, loan options, and financial aid.

A great place to start is the the MoneyCATS team which is geared toward engaging students in financial literacy programs and providing a place for peer mentorship. Financial Wellness also provides excellent resources for the University of Kentucky student body to stay connected and well equipped to handle their evolving financial needs.

The Student Financial Wellness Center is proud to offer our UK community, iGrad a best-in class online resource for your continued financial wellness journey. Once an iGrad profile is created, you will have access to a personalized dashboard that will enable you to improve your money management, career and student loan knowledge and skills. With recommended video tips, quick financial lessons, personalized job search and more, you will be well equipped to ensure a successful financial well-being in college and beyond.





The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance (KHEAA) website contains instructional videos on financial literacy. These videos can help students understand how to control and manage their finances. You can also download their financial flyer (pdf).



The U.S. Department of Education provides an excellent tutorial to help students navigate through the various financial aid programs and manage their finances. Students are strongly encouraged to complete Financial Awareness Counseling to understand their loans, manage spending, plan for repayment, and avoid default.