Federal Work Study Student Information

What is Federal Work-Study?

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based program that allows eligible students to earn money by working part-time while in school. Students are offered FWS based on their unmet need as determined by their annual FAFSA. The maximum award is $7,800 per academic year ($3,900 per semester) and students who participate in the program receive bi-weekly paychecks.

Earnings are based on the hourly wage that is negotiated between the employer and the student. Wages are considered taxable income, but earnings are not used to determine your financial need when filing the annual FAFSA.

FWS funds are limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply early!

  • You must file a FAFSA. Be sure to include UK's Federal School Code - 001989
  • Students must accept their FWS offer (via the myUK student portal) before they begin the job search & hiring process*. 

*Not offered FWS? Please contact us at (859) 218-2001 or FWS@uky.edu to see if you may qualify. 


What are the benefits of Federal Work-Study?

  • Work-study jobs offer more flexible schedules than most off-campus jobs, putting your education first. 
  • Easy scheduling of work hours – often jobs can be scheduled in between classes if you have at least 90 minutes or more between classes.
  • Plenty of jobs on campus – no need for transportation
  • Jobs range from indoor/clerical/office type work to outdoor recreation positions, research, or event management positions.
  • Opportunity to possibly work within their field of study.  We encourage students to apply for jobs/positions that align with their field of study or career goals.  
  • Build a resume that includes work experience.  Work-study is an opportunity to establish a good work record for your resume and obtain future letters of reference. 
  • Create campus connections.  Employers often find that an excellent part-time employee can become a reliable full-time prospect upon graduation.
  • Rewarding work with a variety of non-profit or government partners that help the people in our community.
  • Off-campus positions may include working with students in local schools or after-school programs, working with the elderly or at-risk, working as math or reading tutors/mentors, or working with local government agencies.


Where Do I Start with Federal Work-Study?

  • Accept your FWS offer through the myUK student portal.  [view Accepting Your Financial Aid Offer for assistance.]
  • Search for open positions at UK Jobs website.
  • Log in/Create Account at UK Jobs to apply for positions(s).  Work-Study positions begin with “FWS”; however, you may apply for other student employment positions as well.
  •  Interview for position(s). Supervisors interview and hire at their discretion.
  • If offered a FWS position by the department/organization supervisor, look for email from the FWS office with pre-employment instructions and information.
  • After completion of pre-employment tasks, look for another email from the FWS office with start date information.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Payroll Schedule and Time Reporting through myUK/Employee Self-Service tab. [Note: off-campus Time Reporting has a different process; however, instructions will be provided in the email from the FWS Office.]


Federal Work-Study Pay Rate Schedule - Fall 2023

Work-Study Classification Min Max
Student Assistant/Work-Study 12.00 20.00
Library Assistant/Work-Study 12.00 20.00
Research Assistant/Work-Study 12.00 20.00
Tutor/Work-Study 12.00 20.00
Lab Assistant/Work-Study 12.00 20.00
Residence Hall Night Clerk/Work-Study 12.00 20.00
Fabrication Tech/Work-Study 12.00 20.00
Peer Coach/Work-Study 12.00 20.00
America Reads/Work-Study 15.00 20.00
Other/Work-Study 12.00 20.00