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Child Care Expense Form

Consortium Agreements | I Am a UK Student and I Am Taking a Course at Another School


Decline to Provide Parental Data on FAFSA Form


Education Abroad and Exchange Forms Submission


FAFSA | Start Your Very First FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

FAFSA | Renew Your FAFSA Each Year

FSA ID | Create Your FSA ID (Federal Student Aid ID)

FSA ID | Retrieve Your Forgotten FSA ID Username

FSA ID | Reset Your Forgotten FSA ID Password

FWS Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Federal Form W-4

Form K-4

FWS Job Listing/Payroll Authorization Form Spring 2023

FWS Pay Schedule Spring 2023

FWS Job Search

FWS Employee Self-Service Tab Instructions

FWS Student Information and Responsibilities

FWS Pay Rates

FWS Student Information Sheet

FWS Time-Tracking Worksheet

FWS Student Transfer Sheet

FWS Supervisor Information (On-Campus)

FWS Supervisor Information (Off-Campus)


Housing, Rental, and Landlord Forms Submission


Loans | Apply for a Graduate/Professional Student PLUS Loan

Loans | Apply for a Parent PLUS Loan

Loans | Apply for a Short-Term Loan

Loans | Complete My Entrance Counseling

Loans | Complete My Master Promissory Note (Graduate/Professional Students)

Loans | Complete My Master Promissory Note (Parents of Undergraduate Students)

Loans | Complete My Master Promissory Note (Undergraduate Students)

Loans | Loan Adjustment Request


Outside Scholarship Resource Form

Outside Scholarship / Resource Form - Summer


Preparatory Coursework Form (For Eligible Non-Degree Students)

Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification Form


Summer Aid Request Form


KHEAA (The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority) Scholarship