Listed are documents frequently used by the University of Kentucky's Office of Student Financial Aid.

For any document requiring a signature, please download or print the document, fill in the requested information, and send the document to the UK Student Financial Aid office.

All of the documents are in PDF format. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.


Child Care Expense Form


FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

FWS Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Federal Form W-4

Form K-4

FWS Fall/Spring Job Listing Authorization Form

FWS Job Listing/Payroll Auth Form Fall 2017

FWS On-Campus Pay Schedule Fall 17

FWS Off-Campus Pay Schedule Fall 17

FWS Job Search

FWS Employee Self-Service Tab Instructions

FWS Student Information and Responsibilities

FWS Pay Rate

FWS Time Reporting & Pay Schedule (Off-Campus)

FWS Time Reporting & Pay Schedule (On-Campus)

FWS Time Reporting & Pay Schedule (SPILF)

FWS Student Information Sheet

FWS Time-Tracking Worksheet

FWS Student Transfer Sheet

“FWS Supervisor Information (On-Campus)

“FWS Supervisor Information (Off-Campus)


Outside Scholarship Resource Form

Outside Scholarship / Resource Form - Summer


Graduate Professional Federal Direct PLUS Loan

PLUS Loan for Parents


RAP (Reasonable Academic Progress) Appeal Form



Spring (2018) Request For Federal Aid


KHEAA (The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority) Scholarship



2017 Summer Request for Federal Aid

2017 Summer Request Instructions

2017 Summer Savings Agreement