First-Generation Student Conference

Information on the 2022 First-Generation Student Conference Experience coming soon!



2020 Student Conference Schedule














Welcome &

Opening Speaker


Mr. Eric Martinez, UK Alum





Breakout Sessions 1


So You Want to be a be a

Student Leader


Ms. Jessica Chandler,

Program Director, Office of Student Organizations and Activities


Leadership, followership, and Values, oh my! Are you ready to take on a leadership role but aren’t sure what goes into it? Are you a student leader looking to explore your values and how it plays a role in your leadership approach? Not ready to take on a leadership role, but want to be a great follower? Join in on the conversation to explore your values, leadership, and how we can all be great leaders by being great followers!




Awakening the S.O.U.L. of an Entrepreneurial Mindset”


Mr. Patrick Walker, JD, MBA, Endowed Senior Lecturer

Ruth Jones Lewis Faculty Scholar in Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise

Lewis Honors College, University of Kentucky



This interactive workshop is designed to engage first-generation college students and participants in the creation of an entrepreneurial mindset by examining several factors applicable within their respective classrooms, careers, and communities.  Having an entrepreneurial mindset is one way to unite and empower first-generation college students as they conquer the impossible and thrive beyond their wildest dreams.  Workshop participants will create a personal brand and business model that includes embracing fear, risk, uncomfortability, innovation and team chemistry.




Navigating Graduate and Professional School Admissions


Mr. Jimmie Jones,

Assistant Director, Residence Life

This session will focus on navigating the application process for graduate/professional programs. We will discuss tips to make your application stand out, application components, developing a timeline to apply, finding funding sources, and much, much, more. 






Breakout Sessions 2


Social Justice Education & Engagement: What you need to know and How you can get involved!


Mr. Brandon Colbert

Coordinator, Social Justice Education and Engagement

Office of Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice

This session will focus on how undergraduate students can build their capacity around matters and issues of social justice as well as how they can participate in actions related to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion







The Imposter Within


Dr. Martina Martin,

Associate Director, Student Transitions and Family Programs


Feel as though you don’t belong? Thoughts of I’m not supposed to be here. This session will provide an overview of life as a first-generation student and the Imposter Phenomenon. Strategies for addressing the imposter within and moving forward will be covered.




First-Gen Real Talk

Student Panel


Ms. Chasity Sizemore, Ms. Haley Blackburn

An open discussion on the challenges we face as first-generation students, and sharing lessons learned as we figure this thing called college.








Keynote Speaker

Using Your Power for Good


Ms. Carol Taylor-Shim

Director, Office of Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice









Breakout Sessions 3


Graduate School

 Student Panel Discussion


Ms. Alisia Taylor, Ms. Tara Rojas, Mr. Adam Tristan

Is graduate school in your future? A panel of graduate students from a variety of disciplines, will discuss all things navigating graduate school as a first-generation student.




Resumes for First-Gen Students


Ms. Jocelyn Gaydos,

Assistant Director, James W. Stuckert Career Center


Your resume is a marketing tool created to market you. Your first contact with an employer, whether applying for an internship, co-op or job opportunity. Let’s talk about how we can showcase you, as a first-generation student, to future employers.




Selfcare through Mindfulness


Ms. Kayla Gill and Ms. Kim Betty,

Program Advisors, Student Transitions and Family Programs

Koru Mindfulness is program specifically designed with college students in mind to help in the reduction of stress and anxiety while also increasing one's sleep and self-compassion.  Participants will learn specific skills that help calm and focus their mind, including breathing and more!








Closing Remarks


Mr. Sam Cardine, UK Alum





2020 Professional Staff Conference Schedule






Welcome & Opening Speaker


Eric Martinez, UK Alum

Sessions 1


First-Gen Plus…Intersecting Identities


Ms. Lydia Wims,

Director, Student Support Services


Mr. Robert Hayes,

Director, Student Transitions and Family Programs

Sessions 2



First-Generation on Your Campus: An In Depth Look


Ms. Lydia Wims,

Director, Student Support Services


Jimmie Jones, Jr.

Assistant Director, Residence Life



Lunch & Keynote Speaker

Using Your Power for Good


Ms. Carol Taylor-Shim

Director, Office for Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice

Sessions 3



First-Gen Tool Kit

Martina Martin,

Associate Director, Student Transitions and Family Programs



Closing Remarks


Sam Cardine, UK Alum






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