Robinson Scholars Program

In July 2016, as part of an effort to provide more direct support for students, UK announced changes in the structure of the Robinson Scholars Program, made in the context of an overall realignment of student support programs at the university. Specifically, the Robinson Scholars Program is being better integrated and aligned with other programs that support students.

The program will continue at the University of Kentucky. The scholarships that have been awarded through participation in the Robinson Scholars Program have not changed. UK remains fully committed to the Robinson Scholars Program and the important work it does to support students.

Provost Tim Tracy is engaging in ongoing dialogue with Robinson Scholars community to discuss building upon the program’s success. 


The Robinson Scholars Program serves first generation high school and college students in 29 eastern Kentucky counties through innovative college enrichment programming for high school students and scholarship opportunities for those selected to be Robinson Scholars. Our mission is to empower our students to complete a baccalaureate degree at the University of Kentucky and provide pathways for them to contribute to their communities through active citizenship.

Our vision is for the University of Kentucky to be the national model for success in first generation programs. As one of the nation’s longest running programs of its kind, the Robinson Scholars Program serves as a foundation for first generation students to See Opportunity.

What it means to be a Robinson Scholar