Our People

The people of the Food Systems Innovation Center are what makes our program special. We bring together faculty and staff from multiple departments to help you have a strong and profitable business.

Kandice Williams

Program Coordinator

Kandice Williams is the Program Coordinator for the FSIC, and is the primary contact for initial questions about our services. More Info

Photo of Melissa Newman

Melissa Newman


Dr. Newman is an Animal Nutritionist and Food Microbiologist specializing in the areas of Intestinal microbiology and Food Safety. More Info

Photo of Gregg Rentfrow

Gregg Rentfrow

Principle Investigator

Dr. Rentfrow works with extension specialists and county agents in establishing strong livestock and meat industry programs in Kentucky. More Info

Photo of Timothy Woods

Timothy Woods

Principle Investigator

Dr. Woods manages studies of Kentucky Consumer households and carries out a variety of Farmer's market, small producer as well as industry wide studies. More Info

Photo of Paul Priyesh Vijayakumar

Paul Priyesh Vijayakumar

Food Science/Safety Specialist, Process Authority

Dr. Vijayakumar acts as the FSIC Process Authority, specializing in Acidified and Low Acid Thermal Processing. More Info