Our Programs

Bale Boone Symposium 

Through the Bale Boone Symposium, the Gaines Center promotes dialogue, intellectual exploration, and partnerships among campus, Bluegrass, and Commonwealth communities by sponsoring an array of public humanities and arts events. These events are a testament to the influence and memory of Joy Bale Boone and George Street Boone, who were committed to the betterment of the humanities. The Bale Boone Symposium is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Read more about the Bale Boone Symposium.


Lafayette Seminar

The annual Lafayette Seminar offers an opportunity for Lexington community members, elected officials, and faculty and students to discuss such issues as local economy, town and gown relationships, and the creation of successful public spaces.  Find out more about the Lafayette Seminars.


Bingham Seminar

Every other year, the Center holds an open competition among university faculty who wish to offer a special topical seminar in the humanities. Find out more about the Bingham Seminar.


Breathitt Lecture

Established to honor an eminent Kentuckian and an outstanding alumnus of the University of Kentucky whose interest in higher education and the humanities was exceptional, this lectureship is awarded to an undergraduate whose qualities of mind and spirit have been expressed eloquently on one or more of the basic concerns of the humanities: form, value, and memory.  More about the Breathitt Lecture.