Community Engagement Projects

The Junior Gaines Fellow's Engagement Project requires the conception and presentation of a project that enhances the civic culture of a community: UK's campus, Lexington, or the Fellow's hometown. The focus may be further afield: projects enhancing the culture of communities regionally, nationally, or internationally.

The project should either add value to a community or solve a problem in a community. The object is to design and carry out the project whenever possible. Volunteering may be a part of the project, so long as the volunteer time is spent in service of the project's larger design. Projects should have specific goals and measurable outcomes. Projects have been compelling enough to result in real, positive change within the community. But the main objective is a feasible service project that will contribute to your personal growth.


Sample projects include:

  • developing the Naco-Bisbee Public Health Promotion Mural Project (Naco, Sonora, Mexico & Bisbee, AZ, USA)
  • enhancing UK's internationalization by strengthening Chinese language tutoring resources
  • planting community gardens at the Gaines Center and elsewhere on campus
  • developing an after-school art curriculum and gallery exhibit for refugee children
  • founding The Diversity Project to fund a scholarship and create an internationally collaborative quilt honoring diversity
  • founding and publishing literary magazines such as Shale, UK's undergraduate literary journal in English and world languages
  • proposing and funding an expansion of a performing arts center in Western Kentucky.
  • See a list of more jury projects in the documents section below.