Former Gaines Seminar Faculty

Susan Abbott-Jamieson, Anthropology
Raymond Betts,* History (and Emeritus Director)
Suketu Bhavsar, Physics and Astronomy
Lisa Broome, English (and Gaines Center Associate Director)
Dwight Billings, Sociology
Stan Brunn, Geography
Ron Bruzina, Philosophy
Francie Chassen-Lopez, History
Eric Christianson, History
Sumit Das, Physics and Astronomy
Henri deHahn, Architecture
John Garvey, Law
Jonathan Glixon, Music
David Harmin, Physics and Astronomy
Curt Harvey, Business
Denise Ho, History
Christine Havice, Art
Rebecca Howell, English
Judy Lesnaw, Biology
Ed McClanahan, Creative Writing
Marcus McEllistrem, Physics and Astronomy
Doreen Maloney, Art Studio, New Media, Intermedia
Wallis Miller, Architecture
Bradley Monton, Philosophy
Wolfgang Natter, Geography
Ron Pen, Musicology
Yolanda Pierce, English and African-American Studies
Rhoda-Gale Pollack, Theater
Armando Prats, English/Film Studies
Robert Rabel, Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (and former Director)
Audrey Rooney, History
Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby, Russian and Eastern Studies
Daniel Rowland, History (and Emeritus Director)
Leon Sachs, Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Rich Schein, Geography
Dina Smith, English
Gerald Smith, History
David Spaeth,* Architecture
Tom Stipanowich, Law
Betsy Taylor, Appalachian Center
Bob Tharsing, Art
Alice Turkington, Geography
Jane Vance, English
Greg Waller, English/Film Studies
Doris Wilkinson, Sociology
Nancy Wolske, Art History

* Deceased

Bingham Seminar Faculty

Raymond Betts,* History
Christine Havice, Art
Diana Haleman, Family Studies
Patrick Lee Lucas, School of Interiors
Ron Pen, John Jacob Niles Center for American Music
Douglas Slaymaker, Russian and Eastern Studies
Edward Stanton, Hispanic Studies
Kristin Stapleton, History and Asian Studies
Monica Visona, Art History

* Deceased