Senior Thesis Project

Fellows have the opportunity to do sustained research work on topics that they choose with the help of faculty advisers and the director of the center. For a list of Gaines Senior Theses from 1986 to the present, please see the document below.

General Calendar and Process

Junior year (spring): Fellows discuss topics, write prospectuses, and form faculty advisory committees with the guidance of the Gaines Center faculty

Summer: Fellows research and begin drafting portions of their theses. Detailed outlines are due in September.

Senior year (fall): Fellows continue research and draft portions of their theses, meeting regularly with the Gaines Center faculty. They also consult with their faculty advisory committees regularly to discuss research and review drafts. By winter break, Fellows submit drafts of approximately 30 pages (or the equivalent of 3/5 of the project).

Senior year (spring): Fellows continue drafting and workshopping portions of their theses in small groups. Full first drafts are due mid-semester, and final drafts and oral defenses are scheduled for April. A paper copy and an electronic copy of the thesis must be submitted to the Gaines Center by the end of the spring semester.