University of Kentucky Gatton Student Center

Project Timeline & Current Status

            In 2014, the Student Center began the process of beginning the project for the renovation and expansion of the Student Center.  Focus groups with student organizations, students and staff were held throughout the year and the design process was started shortly after.  In July, the Steering Committee recommended that the Executive Committee authorize proceeding with the schematic design phase.  The design team was tasked to explore several options with parking, landscape and seamless transparencies between indoor and outdoor spaces.


            At the end of November of 2014, the schematic design phase was completed, and moved into the design/development phase.  The Executive Committee met with the Design Team to further develop the square footage assignments of spaces within the building, and preliminary finishes, wall structures and pedestrian traffic routes. The Design Team held multiple session and meetings with user groups and stakeholders to refine actual working elements, needs, finishes and placements.


            Fast forwarding to June of 2015, selective demolition of the Student Center has begun, and following in September of 2015, we were able to do a walkthrough of the building before the 1st addition (The 1963 section) was to be demolished.  Come November, the entire building, save for the original 1930’s section was removed entirely, and construction could begin. 


            In March of 2016, we could finally begin to see the frame of the building starting to form, and we got an idea of how the layout of Alumni Gym would play into the new design of the Student Center.  In April, we could start seeing some steel frames being placed, and forming the exterior of the building.  Construction continued at a steady pace until August, where the Student Center hosted a “Topping Out” ceremony, inviting the University community to sign their name on a steel beam which would be inside the final building, and leave their place in a piece of University history. 


            Progress continued to continue through the months, and we were able to go on many walkthroughs and tours which you can see below. In early 2018, The Student Center held an unveiling event dedicating the building to Carol Bill Gatton as our way of saying thank you for his generosity.  The building was renamed in his honor, and is now the Gatton Student Center.


             The building is now opening in phases as of June 2018, and is open for business, and we look forward to having the rest of the building operational for student use as soon as possible. 




June 2014 Highlights
• Kick off meeting and planning sessions of Steering Committee
• Held numerous focus group meetings with key campus partners including academic departments, administrative departments and (most importantly) student organizations.
• Asked President Capilouto to share his vision for a re-imagined and transformed UK Campus, his walk along the Avenue of Champions in a few years, and his vision for a new and transformed Student Center.

July 17th, 2014
Final review of the programming phase.
*Following this meeting, the schematic design phase will begin.

September 4th, 2014
The Student Center held an event to recognize Carol Martin (Bill) Gatton as the donor of $20 million to the Student Center's renovation and expansion project. This is the largest gift the University has ever received to date.


These videos shows a few preliminary sketches of how the University of Kentucky Student Center may look upon its completion.

DISCLAIMER: These videos are purely conceptual ideas, and the finished Student Center may or may not include anything shown in these videos. All aspects are subject to change.

Conceptual Opportunities from UK Student Center on Vimeo.

Steering Committee Meeting 1
Steering Committee Meeting 2

Process Architecture 101 Graphic

Project Schedule Graphic