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Reporting Hazing

Who should I contact to report hazing? And, why is this important to do?
A hazing incident may be reported by anyone; a person who the activity directly affected, a person who was involved in the incident; faculty/staff, parents, friends, or community members.  If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a possible hazing incident, please report the incident.

The University of Kentucky’s ability to investigate reported incidents, enforce the university’s expectations, and protect future students depends on the accuracy and specificity of the information provided. You are encouraged to provide as much specific detail as possible so that appropriate action can be taken to address the reported behavior. You have the option to submit a report anonymously, though officials may find it difficult to complete their investigation without knowing the source of the report.

Is there amnesty for those who report hazing?
Yes, our goal is to end hazing so we don’t want you to be fearful of reporting it. If you have been involved in a hazing incident and/or your chapter has been involved, you may be exonerated from any past actions as long as you report the incident yourself and work with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to correct the issue within your chapter. The purpose of the Office is to educate you and your chapter on how to accomplish goals and have safe and fun activities which do not compromise principles or respect for individuals. If you report yourself or your chapter, you will not be exonerated from future hazing actions.

What should I report?

  • What is the name of the organization that you are reporting?
  • When did the event(s) occur?
  • Where did the event(s) take place?
  • What time of day did the event(s) occur?
  • Who was involved in this event?
  • Are there any other people that either were present or can corroborate the information you are providing?  Please provide their names and contact information (if available).
  • How did you become aware of the event(s)?
  • Please describe the event(s) in as much detail as possible.
  • Your name, phone number, and e-mail address

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