Graduate and Professional Student Organization (GPSO) Funding

The GSC GSPO funding program is designed to empower GPSOs by providing a level of fiscal autonomy to those communities. It is intended to allow GPSOs to directly and positively impact their local communities and respond to the immediate communal needs of their memberships.  

The GSC currently provides $500 budgets for the first 60 eligible GPSOs that register with the Graduate School's Community Enhancement Program (GPSOs can register here: with the expectation of increasing thus funding from year to year. Recognized GPSOs must meet the following requirements to be eligible for GPSO funding:

  1. It must be the Representative Body for students in a graduate or professional program/department which is the advocacy body for those students with those units.
  2. It must be advised by a faculty member in the organization's home unit (i.e., program, department, or college).
  3. It must be an organization whose membership is limited to graduate/professional students
  4. The organization must register with the Graduate Schools Community Enhancement Program. (
  5. It must send a representative to be a part of UK's Graduate Student Congress
For more information, please see the presentation below. Questions can be directed to 

Access this presentation via Google Slides here: GSC GPSO Funding