GSC Current & Past Award Recipients

2020 - 2021

Cycle 5

Conference Awards

Kathryn L. Grubb – Entomology

Kathryn is getting her Masters in Entomology and focuses on extension entomology. She does research on biocontrol, high tunnel pests, and communication among extension agents, growers, and entomologists. In her free time she likes to oil paint insects, cook, and garden.

Jong Hyun Kim – Chemistry

Jong Hyun Kim, postdoctoral Scholar, Chemistry, University of Kentucky. A scientist who dreams of changing the world through science. An interdisciplinary researcher who expands the research field by crossing chemistry (bio, physical, and inorganic), biology, pharmacy, and basic medicine. His current research is to develop a drug that targets mitochondria using gold complexes, focusing mainly on anticancer drugs. He is also a bass guitar player.

Caitlyn Hood – Clinical Psychology

Caitlyn is a 5th-year Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Kentucky. Her research centers around understanding the co-occurrence of PTSD and health risk behaviors in trauma-exposed, vulnerable populations. The ultimate aims of her work are (1) to inform the development of efficacious mental health and substance use treatments and (2) to evaluate the effectiveness of evidence-based interventions implemented in contexts where at-risk individuals can be reached.

Yahia Morsy – Teaching English as a Second Language

I first came to the University of Kentucky as a Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant. But I fell in love with the University and decided to pursue my graduate studies in Teaching English as a Second Language and International education. In my department of MCLLC, I found a home away from home. Fortunately, I managed to overcome all the challenges that I faced because I had the support of my colleagues, professors, and foremost my family. My areas of interest include equity and access in ESL classes in the U.S.A, SLA, and comparative international education. My research is about investigating the American Higher education system's influence on other international higher education systems.

Colby J. Clark – Philosophy

My name is Colby Clark. I'm currently a 3rd year PhD student in the philosophy department. My research focuses on complex adaptive systems theory. I'm particularly interested in the spatialization of ecological systems and the influence topographical features have on the flow structures of a network.

Anjana Subramoniam – Biology

PhD student in Biology studying Sleep and Alzheimer's disease. I would also like to understand the effects of various Meditation practices on cognition and emotion. Outside research, I currently enjoy Dancing Bharatnaytam (classical Indian dance), reading, and photography. 

Jawad Mahmud Hoque

“Jawad Mahmud Hoque is a PhD candidate in Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky. Jawad’s primary research focus is uncertainty in travel demand forecasts and the causes of transit ridership decline in the US, pre and post-COVID. He is currently working on creating a multi-modal simulation model to capture the tradeoffs between fixed route and on-demand transit with independent ride-hail operators.”

Research Awards

Evisa Bogdani – Accounting

Evisa Bogdani is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Von Allmen School of Accountancy. She received her master’s degree in accounting from Charles Sturt University in Melbourne, Australia. Her research interests are in audit and financial accounting using archival methods. Specifically, she is interested in examining the role of assurance and disclosure features in emerging new financial markets such as equity crowdfunding. Before starting her Ph.D., Evisa worked as an instructor at the Alexander Moisiu University, teaching financial accounting and management accounting. She also has experience as a financial accountant and internal auditor in private companies.

Kristie J. Schmidt – Entomology

Kristie Jo Schmidt is a 1st year PhD student in the Entomology Department. She is currently doing research in Dr. Julian Dupuis' population genetics lab. Her dissertation focuses on developing molecular diagnostic tools for tephritid pest flies. Kristie received a BS in Biology with a specialization in Cell, Molecular, and Physiology from the University of South Dakota in 2014. She completed her MS in biology from the University of South Dakota in 2018.   

Professional Development Awards

Surya Aryal – Chemistry

Surya is a PhD candidate at the Department of Chemistry. Currently, he is studying the upregulation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) in different brain regions by using single molecule fluorescence imaging techniques. Surya is fascinated by the highly interdisciplinary nature of his research work. He also enjoys teaching chemistry to undergraduate students. His hobbies include traveling, watching, and playing soccer and volleyball.

Cycle 4

Conference Awards

Lauren Harris – Medicine

Md Nasir Uddin – Chemistry

Priya Karna – Chemistry

Hannah Hollowell – Entomology

Rachel McCoy – English

Sumeer Brar – Medicine

Amani Kappi – Nursing

Lauren Krueger – Biology

Mason Johnson – Medicine

Na Ding – Toxicology & Cancer Biology

Jessica D. Bills – Biology

Yenyu Lin – Teaching World Languages

Majd Jabbour – Physician Assistant Studies

Research Awards

Surya Aryal – Chemistry

Erin B. Hester – Communication

Professional Development

Rasheed Flowers – Higher Education 

Cycle 3

Conference Awards

Xuhui Lin – Biomedical Engineering

Research Awards

Athanasia (Sia) Beasley – Anthropology

Goeun Lee – Anthropology

Professional Development Awards

Melissa Molho – Plant Pathology

Graduation Regalia Awards

Oluwaseun Akeyo – Electrical Engineering

Cycle 2

Conference Awards

Addie Reinhard – Community & Leadership Development

Eleanor Johnson – Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences

Jiho Noh – Computer Science

Surya Aryal – Chemistry

Mahsa Moradipour – Chemical Engineering

JungHee Kang – Nursing

Bethany Kyre - Entomology

Pedro Martin – Civil Engineering

Mia MacDonald – Medicine

Amanda Dunaway – Entomology

Shama Karanth – Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Tia Borger – Clinical Psychology

Research Awards

Hannah Douglass – Rehabilitation Sciences 

Sanjay Joshi – Integrated Plant & Soil Sciences

Erica Macon – Veterinary Science

Professional Development Awards

Katherine "Katie" Bain – Rehabilitation Sciences

Sara Green – Educational Leadership

Cycle 1

Conference Awards

Xianlin Jin – Communication

Lauren Fann – Entomology

Research Awards

Noor Al-Attar – English

2019 - 2020

Cycle 6

Research Awards

Gabriela Montero Mejia – Anthropology

Shayna Lindquist – Anthropology

Travel Awards

Colby Clark – Philosophy

Samantha Malone – Clinical Psychology

Chelsea Cutright – Anthropology

Caleb Mathias – Plant Pathology

Ian Spangler – Geography

Ashley Vowels – Sociology

Cycle 5

Travel Awards

Ankur Das – Physics & Astronomy

Olivia Meyer - Geography

Peter Hecker – Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences (IBS)

Xianlin Jin – Communication & Information Studies

Tyler Kibbey – Linguistics

Queen-Ayanna Sullivan – Educational, School & Counseling Psychology

Research Awards

Sarah Carr – Animal & Food Sciences

Service Awards

Erica Fealko – Plant Pathology

Katarina Hoskins – Kinesiology & Health Promotion

Cycle 4

Travel Awards

Natalie Malone – Educational, School & Counseling Psychology

Anahid Matossian – Anthropology

Jie “Grace” Dai – Educational Policy Studies & Evaluation

Araby Smyth – Geography

Melissa Molho – Plant Pathology

Julia Miller – Sociology

Service Awards

Deepti Adhikari - Curriculum & Instruction

Warlen Pereira Piedade - Biology 

Cycle 3

Research Awards

Katherine Haus – Kinesiology & Health Promotion

Leanna Hartshough – Communication & Information Studies

Travel Awards

Whitney Wilder - Communication Sciences & Disorders

Taylor Valentino - Physiology (IBS)

Kerry Hancock - Curriculum & Instruction

Taylor Elsey - Psychology (Clinical)

Andrés Vindas Melandez – Mathematics

Dingying Dang - Chemicals & Materials Engineering

Cycle 2

Research Awards

Sarah Tomke - Forestry & Natural Resources

Samuel Bruun - Psychology

Travel Awards

Mohammad Javad Mollakazemi - Biomedical Engineering

Soroosh Torabi - Mechanical Engineering

Katherine Haus - Kinesiology & Health Promotion

Anna Studtmann - Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences (IBS)

Alessandra Del Brocco - Sociology

Jordan Wean - Physiology (IBS)

Cycle 1

Travel Awards

Nathaniel Wilson - Health Promotion

Chenghui Zhang - Sociology

Mel Lesch - Gender & Women's Studies

Christopher Alvarez Villa – Earth & Environmental Sciences

M. Ruth Dike – Anthropology

Kaitlyn Conway – Kinesiology & Health Promotion