Thank you for your interest in the Lewis Honors College. We are excited that you are considering applying! When determining an applicant’s strengths the Lewis Honors College considers the following:

  • strength of application essays
  • unweighted GPA
  • academic rigor of high school courses
  • level of involvement

The Honors Admissions Committee considers all aspects of an applicant's high school record; a student's GPA is not the only factor considered. The committee also considers the academic rigor of high school courses the applicant has taken and extra-curricular involvement. Finally, the Admissions Committee places great weight on the strength of the application essays.

The Honors College Application is part of the UK Admissions Application, and also part of the Common Application - you can use either to apply to the Honors College. By completing the additional Honors essay included in the UK Admissions Application or the Common Application, we will receive and review your application for admission to the Lewis Honors College.

The deadline to apply to the Lewis Honors College is midnight (EST) on December 1, 2020.