College Life

College Life in the Lewis Honors College is built on an understanding that students need a balance between academics from the courses they take and outside of class educational experiences that enrich their lives. These experiences include but are not limited to: building community, maintaining a good physical and mental wellness, pursuing leadership opportunities through service, and participating in other learning experiences outside the classroom. 

Living and Learning the Lewis Way

Teams of Peer Mentors, Faculty, Academic Advisors, Residential Advisors, Peer Mentors, and Student Council representatives work together to plan and implement programs that engage students to enrich their academic experiences outside of the classroom and maintain a healthy balance of living and learning while pursuing their life dreams.  Peer Mentors and Residential Advisors lead Community Programs based on their areas of interest and reach out to groups of students that they work with.  Twice each semester, these two groups of leaders get together to plan and implement “signature programs” that are meant to bring the Honors Community together. The programs are planned and implemented under any of the following themes: Wellness, Service, and Community, and Leadership.