Honors at the University of Kentucky has a long and proud history. Dating back to 1958 thousands of students have passed through our program, exploring themselves and the boundaries of thought with outstanding faculty.  An Honors education at UK opens up an exciting world of inquiry, including research, education abroad, and service that will challenge students intellectually, provide access to the most creative minds at UK, and prepare participants for advanced study and to make a difference in the world upon graduation. The Honors curriculum requires Honors coursework in UK Core Inquiry, participation in six credits of Honors Experiences, a Senior Capstone or Honors Thesis, and a choice of coursework campus-wide to fulfill the educational goals of each Honors student.

In addition, the Lewis Honors College has been fortunate to form partnerships with the Gatton College of Business and Economics and the College of Engineering to provide customized academic pathways through the Honors College. Honors Pathway Programs allow students in certain majors to have a more specialized trajectory through the Honors curricula.

Students in the Lewis Honors College are required to complete 30 hours of Honors coursework as follows: 

  • HON 140: Knowledge and Society

*Students are encouraged to complete the Foundational Seminar within the first year of enrollment


  • CIS/WRD 112: Accelerated Composition and Communication
  • HON 151: Honors Humanities
  • HON 152: Honors STEM
  • HON 251: Honors Social Sciences
  • HON 252: Honors Arts and Creativity
  • HON 201: Honors Seminar
  • Departmental honors courses at the 100-200 level
  • Departmental honors courses at the 300 level or above
  • HON seminar courses, 300 or above (e.g., HON 301)
  • Graduate course that meets the needs and interests of the student
Students choose two or more experiences for a total of six credit hours:
  • Education Abroad, including HON 352
  • Internships or Co-op experiences, including Honors EXP 396 and HON 386
  • Service Learning, including HON 399
  • Undergraduate Research Experience, including HON 395, or equivalent course in the major. It is suggested that 3 credits of undergraduate research be devoted to preparation for the Honors Thesis. 
  • Any Honors course, including a lower level, upper level, or an Honors experience.