Czarena Crofcheck

About Me

Czarena Crofcheck is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of the Lewis Honors College and a professor in the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. She holds a B.S. (Michigan State University) and M.S. in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Biosystems Engineering (University of Kentucky). Her research emphasis is in bioprocessing, specifically downstream separations, algae growth for CO2 mitigation, and the conversion of biomass to chemicals and fuels. Crofcheck has taught probability and statistics, energy and mass transfer, and senior design. She has won several teaching awards, on the department, college, university, and national level. She is passionate about encouraging more girls and boys to consider STEM careers and works toward this goal as the co-chair of the Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative and the faculty advisor for #IAmAWomanInSTEM at UK. In addition, she’s a Co-PI for the $24 million KY-NSF-EPSCoR grant and is coordinating the workforce development efforts, which include education, outreach and diversity. In addition, she is one of the faculty contributing to the Distillation, Wine and Brewing certificate, by teaching the Brewing Science and Technology course. 


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Bioprocess Engineering or Engineering in general

Distillation, Wine and Brewing Certificate

Women in STEM

Brewing and Beer Education Abroad Program Summer 2020



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