Francesca Yackso



Phone: (859) 323-7559

About Francesca

Educational & Professional Background: Francesca holds a Master of Education in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs and a Master of Education in Curriculum Design and Instruction, along with a TESOL certification, all from the University of Virginia (UVA). UVA is also where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Linguistics. Previously, Francesca served as the Instructional Coordinator for the Center for American English Language and Culture at UVA. She comes to the Lewis Honors College with experience from various positions in advising, instruction, admissions and academic recovery.

Advising Philosophy: As an academic advisor, Francesca supports all students through navigating a successful academic experience. Her intent is to help students understand the importance of their education, be able to take ownership of their future goals, and be able to articulate a pathway that leads to success. Francesca views her office as a place where students feel as comfortable dropping in to ask quick questions as they are staying for an hour to have deeper conversations. Her strength is being able to have frank, but caring interactions with students, and to me, this blend of empathy, compassion, and candidacy is critical to the advisor-advisee relationship.

Come talk to me about: Anything you want! That being said, Francesca spent ten years working as a professional baker and loves talking all things kitchen related. She has a maine-coon kitten and will eagerly show you her latest photos of his antics. Francesca also spends much of her time out of work with her nose in a book – come ask what she’s reading!

Lexington Favorites: When she’s not at work, Francesca enjoys exploring the arboretum, experimenting in the kitchen and making pottery.