HON 395 Approval Process

HON 395 is an Independent Study course where you partner with a faculty member to work on completion of a project, paper, or creative endeavor of some kind.  A proposal form (located below) is required and must be submitted for review and approval.  HON 395, like all 395 courses from other academic departments, will satisfy Honors Experience credit.

Please follow this process:

  1. Register for an open section of HON 395
  2. Complete the HON 395 Proposal Form/Syllabus (located below)
  3. Have your faculty member review your proposal and sign the form
  4. Turn it in to your Honors advisor for review

Deadlines: The HON 395 Proposal Form must be submitted to Honors by the end of the 3rd week for the Fall and Spring semester courses, and by the end of the 1st week for Summer and Winter Intersession courses. Students should make every effort to seek approval for HON 395 prior to the beginning of the semester. Submitting the signed HON 395 Proposal Form by the appropriate deadline is not a guarantee of approval.

Honors will review your HON 395 proposal then send a confirmation email to you and your faculty member.

HON 395 Proposal Form and Syllabus