Honors Academic Advising

“Concerned partners in the success of our students”

Academic Advising at the Lewis Honors College is practical, personal, and Purposeful.

Practical: Honors advisors work with students to co-construct academic plans, engage in problem-solving, connect with campus resources, and evaluate various pathways to achieve individual academic goals. Honors advisors encourage exploration while identifying integrated opportunities for students to meet both Honors and major requirements.

Personal: Honors advising is highly relational and individualized. Honors advisors act as guides to personal success by working closely with students from the Lewis Launch orientation through completion of the Honors thesis and graduation.

Purposeful: Honors advising is a two-way partnership. Advisors serve as active collaborators in a student’s reflective process. Honors advisors appropriately challenge and support students as they discover their unique path to success. Honors advisors employ a range of techniques to help students think through complex situations and arrive at their own interpretations and solutions. By working with Honors advisors, students will come to appreciate their individual role in knowledge construction and decision-making.


Advising Appointments

Students are assigned an Honors advisor and added to their advisor’s Lewis Honors College Advising Canvas page prior to their first semester at UK. Honors advisors are listed as a secondary advisor and Honors Pathway advisors are listed as a major advisor. This information can be accessed via the student’s myUK account.

Each Honors advisor has a Canvas shell that houses resources to support your academic planning. Students are encouraged to view the Canvas modules for how-to info regarding MyUK GPS, academic programming, scheduling appointments, Honors curriculum information and Honors thesis resources and support. 

Students are required to meet with their Honors advisor at specific times over the course of their academic life cycle. These appointments serve to ensure that students stay on track to complete Honors prior to graduation and that course selection is intentionally aligned with their educational pursuits.

Required appointments include: 
First-Year Students – Twice during the academic year (at least once in the Fall Semester)
Sophomores – Spring Semester
Juniors – Semester prior to Honors Thesis proposal submission
Seniors – Semester prior to Honors Thesis completion

Students are welcome and encouraged to make appointments with their Honors advisor at any time during the semester beyond those listed as required. Appointments can be scheduled through myUK. Students can also be in touch with their advisor via phone, email, or Canvas. 


Drop-In Hours

Drop-In Hours are held Monday through Friday from 1 to 2 p.m. Drop-in hours are best used for quick questions - it's best to make an appointment with your advisor if you can for larger concerns or to have deeper conversations. You can join drop-in hours each day via this link: https://tinyurl.com/AdvisingLHC.

Below is a schedule of the advisor available on each day. 

Monday: Kayla
Tuesday: Shaun
Wednesday: Francesca
Thursday: Britt
Friday: Heather


Advising Team

Heather Carpenter M.A.
(859) 218-0914
Britt Frye, M.A. 
(859) 323-7563
Shaun Ketterman, M.A.E. 
(859) 257-2614
Kayla Powell, M.S.
(859) 323-7979
Francesca Yackso, M.Ed.
(859) 323-7559
Czarena Crofcheck, Ph.D., Associate Dean
(859) 218-4340