Honors Benefits

The Lewis Honors College provides students with the opportunity to customize and make the most of their University of Kentucky experience. Through additional Honors College advising, students will be guided on how to invest their extensive AP and dual credit work, as well as how to use that flexibility to explore new and exciting opportunities within their major or the larger campus community. Honors students are encouraged to explore opportunities such as graduating in three years, participating in the Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence, The Gaines Center for for the Humanities or participating in simultaneous Undergraduate and Graduate Study through the University Scholars Program. Honors students are provided with a diverse curriculum, which complements their major area of study and prepares them for success as they continue on their academic and career trajectories in a global community.

Honors Advising

Lewis Honors College advisors serve as an additional source of academic counseling, supplementary to advisors in the major. The primary responsibility of the Honors advisor is to assist students in getting the most out of their UK experience by educating them on how best to invest their pre-college work, and plan strategically for their future. The Lewis Honors College is a natural home for students who have multiple academic goals and a significant amount of academic flexibility due to their rigorous high-school course work in AP/IB.

Priority registration for all courses

Honors students are given “priority registration” during scheduling, meaning that they are able to choose and schedule classes before anyone else on campus. This benefit allows students to be very deliberate about which courses/electives they choose to explore during their undergraduate years at the University of Kentucky.

Individualized preparation for scholarship opportunities, such as the Rhodes Scholarship, Truman Scholars and Fulbright Fellowships

The Lewis Honors College has recently had record numbers of Fulbright Scholars, Rhodes Finalists, Marshall winners and more. These developments are made possible because of dedicated assistance provided through Honors College Partners within the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards. You may find the full list of Nationally Competitive Award recipients here. Honors advisors assist students in the step-by-step preparations for these prestigious awards, which often include taking part in faculty-mentored undergraduate research. 

Personal Development

Lewis Honors College students are paired with counselors in our Center for Personal Development to help explore their purpose and set both personal and professional goals. The Center also provides an array of events for students each semester to promote wellbeing and career readiness. 

Participating in communities that offer specialized and unique opportunities for intellectual and personal growth

The Lewis Honors College is dedicated to providing an ideal Living Learning Program to like-minded, goal-oriented peers. The Honors LLP provides a space for all Honors students (first-year through senior) in the Residential College to live and learn together under the leadership of the Honors staff, a great group of peer mentors, and the Housing and Residence Life Team. We provide opportunities that include everything from theme nights to Healthcare Internship Panels to NanoTed Talks to Coffee House in-depth discussions. In the Honors Community, we believe the students should have an active role in dictating what would be meaningful and enriching for them, and so we often let our students’ interests and passions guide our co-curricular planning.

Education abroad opportunities for study and the chance to conduct research with world-class scholars, scientists or artists as an undergraduate

The Lewis Honors College works closely with the Office of Education Abroad to ensure new and exciting ways to pursue educational opportunities abroad.  Honors students have the capability and the drive to go above and beyond in their Education Abroad Program, as this helps to set a student apart once they are immersed in the job market. Students have done everything from working with the head of the CDC in London, England to studying emerging medical technology in Costa Rica. Funding is also available for students to do undergraduate research abroad.  Through regular info sessions and deliberate Honors advising, the majority of Honors students are able to take their interests abroad in a new and challenging environment.